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    How to Make Your Own Rules at Work


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    How to Make Your Own Rules at Work Empty How to Make Your Own Rules at Work

    Post by BenGas on Mon Jan 13, 2014 7:53 pm

    To create your own rules, you must first perform at a consistently high level -- and those rules must first benefit the company, not just you.

    Say you were just hired to work a 9am -to-5pm job and you want to change your work hours to noon to 8 p.m. Here’s how:

    1. Follow all the rules. You're new. You don't deserve to be different. Follow every rule, written or unwritten. Show you can and will fit in.

    2. Prove yourself. Work extremely hard. Build relationships. Achieve great things. Become indispensable. The more your employer needs you, the more you can eventually stray from certain guidelines.

    3. Occasionally stay late.
    But don't get to work late; arrive at your normal start time. Find a good reason -- a reason that can be repeated -- to stay late. Maybe you need to call customers in other time zones. Maybe generating a report after the close of business makes sense. Maybe you need production to be idle before you experiment with a new process.

    Don't stay late because you just want to seem overworked. Stay late because you will get something done you can't get done during normal work hours.

    Above all, make sure whatever you stay late to do benefits the company, not you.

    4. Then stay late again. And again. Show you are willing to sacrifice and go the extra mile when the company or other employees will benefit.

    5. Ask to change work hours for a day. Explain why. Show how staying late paid off for the company the last few times and how your absence during your normal work hours won't impact anyone. Selling a one-time change will be easy since you can show tangible results.

    6. Come in on time and stay late a few more times. Again, show you're willing to sacrifice to get results.

    7. Ask to change work hours one more time. This time getting permission will be automatic since your boss is used to you staying late and knows your coming to work "late" won’t create any problems.

    8. Now seal the deal: Tell your boss you will be coming in late because you need to stay late.

    That's right: Don't ask, tell… but in a nice way.

    Say, "I'm going to come in at noon tomorrow because I'll be staying until at least 8:00 to run those reports...." Say it like it's no big deal, nothing out of the ordinary, just smart business as usual.

    If your boss nods distractedly you'll know you're in. Then slowly extend the habit so it truly does become business as usual.

    Think it won't work? Absolutely, but only under one basic premise: Making your own rules is not a right but a privilege – a privilege earned through hard work and sacrifice. It isn't easy. There are no shortcuts. Making your own rules is always based on creating benefits for the company. The benefits you enjoy are the by-product and not the main driver.

    Don’t expect to be treated differently unless you’re willing to put in the time and effort to be different.
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    How to Make Your Own Rules at Work Empty Re: How to Make Your Own Rules at Work

    Post by ezepeterson on Wed Feb 19, 2014 6:32 pm

    well said, one need to be diligent at work place if those for your rules to be accepted by your boss

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