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    Teenager 'Shoots Family Then Himself'


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    Teenager 'Shoots Family Then Himself'

    Post by nicegospel on Wed Aug 07, 2013 8:19 pm

    A Brazilian teenager is suspected of killing his police officer parents, his grandmother and his great-aunt then himself.

    The five bodies were found on Tuesday inside two houses located on the same property in northern Sao Paulo, police said.

    The mother's car was captured on security footage on Monday morning parked near the 13-year-old boy's high school.

    Five hours later, the footage showed a person carrying a backpack - believed to be the youngster's - heading for the school, which is three miles from his home.

    The teenager attended classes at his private school, then was driven back home by a school friend's father who he asked not to ring the bell so as not to wake up his father.

    The bodies were discovered later that night. The child died from a shot to the left temple and his father's police-issue service revolver was found nearby, Sao Paulo police commander Benedito Roberto Meira said.

    A second gun, a .32 calibre revolver, was found inside the backpack the teenager had brought to school, Mr Meira added, saying "there was no sign that someone broke into the house".

    The police commander ruled out "an act of revenge by a criminal group" against the teenager's father and mother.

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