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    Attract A Girl That You Never Talked To Before - step by step


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    Attract A Girl That You Never Talked To Before - step by step

    Post by BenGas on Fri Jun 15, 2012 3:47 pm

    What's most important though is not what you say or do, but your ATTITUDE and the way you come across as you say or do it. Get your attitude/inner game spot-on, and it won't matter much WHAT you say or do.

    1. Being mysterious

    Being mysterious doesn't mean faking that you work for the CIA and keep everything a secret. It simply means not being an open book. If you knew ahead of time how a movie ended, you probably wouldn't be as interested in it. It's the same thing with mystery; by maintaining an air of mystery about something, whether it be about yourself, an event, or your past, you invoke a woman's curiosity and keep her interested.

    Too much disclosure by YOU too early kills (MURDERS!) your chances for sleeping with a woman. Too much disclosure means you lack SELF-CONTROL, and that's one of the critical components of your self-confidence. It's better to err to the side of giving her too little information. It creates more mystery, which works in your favor (as long as you work to increase her attraction along with it). Telling her something negative about you can NEVER increase the positive feelings she has for you. It doesn't work like that. Don't be a disclosure machine! Leave some questions unanswered. You can actually use bits of disclosure as a reward method when she does something you approve of.

    She asks you what you did last Saturday: "That's classified".

    She asks you something about your past: "I'll tell you when I know you better" (a challenge for her, because it gives her something to strive for—earn your trust/get the details)

    She asks how many women you've slept with: "Wouldn't YOU like to know that? Heheh"

    She asks what you two are doing Friday night: "It's a surprise".

    Tell her "I have something for you". When she asks, don't tell her no matter how hard she pushes. It can be something as simple as a kiss, but she won't know that until you see her..

    2. Using takeaways and open loops

    Takeaways involve getting her really into something you're saying or doing, and then literally taking it away. Say she's laughing and enjoying herself with you and you unexpectedly say "I have to go see my friends, I'll be back in a few minutes". That's a takeaway. You show open and receptive body language to her while you talk, then lean back and cross your arms unexpectedly, or turn your back on her to focus on a distraction. That's a takeaway. This is the idea behind ending interactions first, and on a positive note. As the saying goes, ALWAYS LEAVE THEM WANTING MORE.

    Takeaways can be used as a system of reward and punishment as well. Reward positive behavior by giving her value and attention, punish negative behavior by taking it away.

    Open loops are similar to takeaways, but involve leaving something unresolved. An example of an open loop would be telling a woman, "I've been meaning to tell you something all night. I think you're…Hold on, I think I just saw someone I know, I'll be right back." OR as she's talking just interrupt with "You know, I just realized something about you." When she says "What?" say "….I'll tell you later." And just smile. Resist her attempts to pry it out of you and change the subject. Another example of an open loop would be calling a woman's answering machine and leaving the following partial message: "Hi HB, I have the funniest story to tell you about last night! It all started when this bum came up to me on the street. And then he held up this cat that only had 3 legs…Anyway, call me". Another open loop example: When you see she's getting involved and really interested in some idea or story you're telling, change the subject with no warning.

    The whole purpose behind an open loop is to get the HB interested in the outcome, then avoid disclosing it. Just like you stay and watch a shitty show just to see how it ends, people will listen to your shitty story just to see how it ends. If the conclusion is withheld they'll feel a bit cheated, and may want to hear it to the point of a minor obsession. This is why soap operas have hooked women for decades; the shows never truly conclude, and always end with open loops. Open loops cause frustration, and the person will then crave emotional relief. By withholding that relief you build up tension.

    Here are some more examples of open loops:

    "SOMETHING ABOUT YOU" OPEN LOOPS While telling a woman a story, say something like: "I bet you like attention", or "I bet you were a daddy's girl" Then resume your story. Now if you've peaked her interest, she'll interrupt you. If you haven't, just keep making comments like this until she takes the bait. When she takes the bait, she'll be thinking to herself, "What does he mean by that?" (This is great because it gets them interested on an EMOTIONAL level). She'll interrupt you with, "What do you mean by that?"

    Retort with something like "Didn't your mom teach you any manners? It's rude to interrupt someone while they're talking. But I know this because you remind me of my...well I will tell you later" and then resume telling the rest of your story.

    "SHE WANTS TO TELL YOU SOMETHING INTERESTING" OPEN LOOPS When she tells you she has something interesting/exciting/etc to tell you, say "I'm busy right now but that sounds interesting, why don't you tell me when we get together?"

    NUMERICAL OPEN LOOPS "There are 3 things I look for in a woman". Then only tell her two!

    SILENCE OPEN LOOPS When she's trying to explain or justify something, be silent and unexpressive. She'll wonder if you agree with her or not and try harder to explain herself.

    GETTING HER TO SAY "WHAT" OPEN LOOPS Say "you're such a girl" and when she says "What? What is it?" just smile and change the subject or look away.

    3. Using Role-Playing

    Role-playing involves finding a humorous situation and then projecting the two of you into that "role". It's very powerful because #1 it's FUN, and #2 it projects the 2 of you doing things together in the future (even though the situations are clearly fictional). Here are some examples of role-plays you could use:

    Vegas wedding role-play

    -You're pretty cool. We should get married. Right now. Let's go to Las Vegas and get married! It was good enough for Britney Spears, it's good enough for us!

    -There's a plane leaving for Vegas in 2 hours. I checked!

    -We'll get Little Richard himself to marry us. Or do you prefer Elvis?

    -Since we're gonna annul the marriage after, we have to follow the rules: So we can't have any sexual contact! (Awwwww) Ok, well maybe some heavy petting and a hickie then.

    -We could have our honeymoon in Fiji! And we can stay in those grass huts that stand over the water.

    -Actually FORGET the grass huts…our wedding night activities would tear the hut to shreds! And we'd get grass stains all over our NAKED bodies from all the friction! (If she brings up the no sex annulment rule, say "Well the judge won't know we did anything when we go for the annulment")

    -Remember, we're only gonna be married for about 2 weeks, so don't make too many plans!

    If going for a walk later, and there's a church nearby…

    -(So what are we doing now?) Well I thought we were gonna get married??

    -We don't need Vegas, its' the same thing anyway…instead of being married by a man in an elvis costume we'll be married by a man in a DRESS…instead of carrying you across the threshold in a cheap motel room in Vegas, it'll be a cheap motel downtown

    -Come with me, there's a church down the street

    (Walk to the nearest Church…If your meeting takes place at night there'll be a 90% chance that the doors will be locked). This is BULLSHIT man! Churches are getting terrible hours, they're worse than banks these days!!!

    (If you happen to find that the church is open, and you have the balls to pull this off, go in with her and talk to the minister!)

    Good evening Pastor/Reverend/Father, we're looking to book a wedding. (when?) Well, as soon as possible (In three weeks in the afternoon blah blah) Can't it be any sooner? (blah blah) This is a nice church, it must be expensive for a wedding ceremony here? (gives price) Oww…Do you offer financing? What's your APR? (blah blah) Ok, we'll go check with another church and come back…we'll do some price-shopping. Thanks for your time Pastor/Reverend/Father!

    (To girl after leaving) See? You have to price shop! These (Baptist, Anglican, whichever denomination) people will rip you off! Ok forget the church, all we need is a minister! We need to find a priest walking around downtown on a Friday night… Or a JUDGE!! A judge could marry us! We need to find a judge.

    Hey I have an idea!! Let's have raw, dirty, public sex right here in the street! We'll be in front of a judge in no time!! (of course the woman will say no) Ok fine let's smash some windows, boost a car….then smash it into the back of a police car!

    Ok ok forget the wedding for tonight, we'll get married tomorrow. I'm gonna have my bachelor party tonight, and you're invited! Now let's go get loaded and see some strippers!!! (she says she wants to have a bachelorette party) Well, you'll need to find a male stripper for a bachelorette party, might be kinda tough at this late hour…I volunteer!

    Sacrilege role-play

    Hey I got a great idea to pass the time! (what) I dress up like a priest…You dress up as a nun…then we go to mass on Sunday, and just to freak everyone out we'd just start MAKING OUT. What do you think, "Sister"?

    Simple name role-play
    "If you were a man, what name would you want to have?" Then call her by that name from then on. She'll ask you back, so have an answer ready and be prepared to have her call you it back when you use HER ‘opposite sex name'.

    The "Would You" Game

    Closely related to role-playing is the "Would You" game. Ask her how much money it would take for her to (be a stripper, change the oil in my car, have sex with an 80 year-old man, etc). Whatever she says, try to talk her down in price!
    The real beauty of role-plays is that you can easily use "call-back humor" with them. Next time you call her you can say "Hi! It's your future temporary husband" or "Hey Barbie! It's Ken". This can instantly get her in the fun state created by your prior role-play and start the conversation off playfully.

    4. Demonstrating higher social value than her

    "The only rule in pick-up is to always be visibly cooler than the chick you're trying to game." –Tyler Durden, Cliff's List

    Don't ever let her show you up. ALWAYS maintain the upper hand. If she makes you look like a fool because you have no comeback or look weak, the target becomes more cool than you and you're in a position of weakness.

    When you're in her presence, you should never treat her like you desperately want and need her approval. Whatever you do, don't try to "impress" her, act apologetic for anything about yourself, or otherwise give away your personal POWER. EVER.

    Demonstrate leadership and show AUTHORITY in everything you do. Women are universally not attracted to passive, ass-kissing, weak men. The slightly overconfident, cocky man conveys higher social value.

    Never give a woman what she asks for, except on your terms. That includes answers to her questions.

    Patronizing comments can also be used to knock a woman off her pedestal and show her that you aren't intimidated/have higher value:

    "You know what? You impress me. You're A-crowd."

    "Wow, you're sooo cool. Can I be your friend?"

    "You're so cool. I'm gonna adopt you."

    "You're so cute, you're like a little puppy"

    "You're sooo cute, you're like Sailor Moon without all the martial arts"

    5. Showing indifference to her

    You must show that you don't NEED her. As for wanting her, keep her guessing on whether you want her or not. Act like you don't care if she rejects you or not, act like you could walk away at any moment and not be bothered.

    More importantly, don't push a woman for anything. You must give an unusually attractive woman SPACE. You can't call her every day, tell her that you're in love with her two days after you've met her, chase her around, always ask what she's doing, etc. You must give this special woman THE GIFT OF MISSING YOU.

    If you have a life, stay with it. If you don't have a life, get one. Don't sit around wondering what she's doing, calling her, telling her how you "feel", etc. If she wanted another "girlfriend", she'd get one. So don't act like one. Desirable women want men who are INDEPENDENT, and who give them SPACE. In fact, if anything, you need to give a hot woman TOO MUCH space. You want HER to be the one who is calling YOU to figure out what you're up to.

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