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    Man jailed for writing bomb threat on back of his job application.


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    Man jailed for writing bomb threat on back of his job application.

    Post by yemi on Wed Mar 27, 2013 4:10 pm

    A Nebraska man who may be the worst job applicant of all time has
    been sentenced to over three weeks in jail after walking into a Nebraska
    restaurant last summer, filling out a job application, and then turning
    it over and writing a bomb threat on the back. The exact wording he used was: "I have no money, a huge
    bomb in the back of my truck, and a syringe of bleach that will kill you
    instantly. If you be quiet and help me, you won't die." Without
    specifying what "help" he was looking for (perhaps help filling out the
    dates of his previous employment--so tedious!), he then took a seat at
    the bar. He was still sitting there when police arrived and discovered
    he had been using methamphetamines, and there were no weapons in the
    back of his truck.
    It's unclear if he planned to use the imaginary
    bleach syringe on anyone who survived the imaginary bomb attack, but
    what is clear is that this is an extremely creative way to keep the
    national unemployment rate high. This guy must really hate Obama.

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